Lockit Security source and install a variety of intercoms. The Farfisa 1PEXFD is one of our most popular.

The 1PEXFD kit from Farfisa provides a high quality, simple to install solution for a single dwelling audio intercom where an access control keypad is required. Thanks to the use of 1+1 Technology, only 2 conductors are needed to connect the stylish 'Exhito' handset to the 'Profilo' surface mounted door station. The 'Profilo' series benefits from a robust construction with stainless steel buttons and green back lighting of the nameplate and keypad.

As the Kit uses standard Farfisa products, it can be easily adapted to suit different applications. For example, if you wished to add another call point or handset, this can easily be achieved by the addition of a few extra parts. For any further information, please contact us. Email:  mark@lockitsecurity.co.nz

The System can provide either an AC output for an electric strike lock release, or a clean contact for the operation of driveway gates.

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